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Donny's Delhi Delight

Pic 1: During the Durga Puja festivities in Kolkata. A once in a lifetime experience for sure #LilAngusOnTour— at Durga Puja.

Pic 2: At the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. Last stop of the journey #LittleAngusOnTour — at Victoria Memorial, Kolkata.

Pic 3: Amazing towel art :-) #LittleAngusOnTour — at Club Mahindra At Ponducherry.

Pic 4: While Angus has been gallivanting around Delhi, I just returned from a week long trip to Chennai and Pondicherry. #LittleAngusOnTour — at Chennai International Airport.

Pic 5: Boat trip across the Holy Ganges. Dakshineshwar Temple in the background, one of the most visited temple in India #LilAngusOnTour — at Dakshineswar Kali Temple.

Pic 6: Out and about in Delhi Metro during rush hour. Phew, I thought the London tube was busy #LittleAngusOnTour

Pic 7: At the Maitri Mandir (Mother's Temple) in Auroville. Fantastic place and an amazing concept. One can feel the spirituality in the air. Guys do read about the Auroville Village. We need more of these kinds of places in today's world. #LittleAngusOnTour — at Auroville Village.

Pic 8: Waiting in sunny Frankfurt for my connecting Flight to New Delhi, India #LittleAngusOnTour — at Frankfurt Airport.

Pic 9: Anybody fancy a Lambretta ride?#LittleAngusOnTour — at Pebble Street Connaught Place.

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